Policy on names etc.

UKDE by Physics Front LLC


Username must consist of at least 3 letters and must form a valid ID.

A valid ID means that it starts with an alphabet letter and consists of characters of allowed types only: alphanumeric characters or _.

Username is case-sensitive.

Username cannot be changed once it is registered.


Password must consist of at least 8 characters of assorted types.

More precisely speaking, password must be 8 characters or longer, consisting of characters only from the following four character groups: upper case alphabet letters, lower case alphabet letters, number characters, and special characters. Each group must contribute: password must contain at least one character from each character group. Note that a space character is not allowed since it is not considered a special character.

What are “special characters,” you ask? Here is how we define them: they are printable ASCII characters that correspond to ASCII codes from 33 through 126 and are not alphanumeric characters.

If a user forgets the password, the server cannot retrieve the password because it is technically impossible for the server to do so. In such a case, a request to reset the password can be submitted.


Email must be a valid working address.

For the initial sign-up process, and the subsequent use of the account, a working email address is a critical requirement. Only after a user follows the instruction emailed by the server to confirm the initial sign-up, the account will become usable.

Real name

Real name can be used just for certain display purposes.

For instance, you may be greeted with the first name, if your real name is given, instead of with your username.